Minggu, 05 Agustus 2012

MontD’Or Oil Tungkal Ltd

MontD’Or Oil Tungkal Ltd is currently recruiting dynamic, qualified and self motivated personnel to be part of our Jakarta based team. The Company has the following vacancies:
Duties include assist Logistic and Procurement Manager with planning, coordination and organization of the supply chain activities, to ensure the alignment and accordance to BPMIGAS regulation
Candidates should be PTK 007 certified, have a Bachelor degree in Finance, Management or Business Administration, a minimum of 3 years experience in supply chain management, particularly in oil and gas company
GEOLOGIST (Jakarta based)
Will undertake production and development geology for a producing field. candidates should have a Bachelors degree in Geological Science, at least 9 years experience, a solid technical background including a good understanding of structural geology, familiarity with advanced gee-science software and data management.
GEOPHYSICIST (Jakarta based)
Capable of undertaking detailed 20/3D seismic interpretation, risk and uncertainty analysis, volumetric estimation, well planning and participation in meetiings with BPMIGAS and partners. A Bachelor’s degree in Geophysical Science, or other relevant subject, 9 years industry experience, good understanding of subsurface tools, interpretation techniques and depth conversion and seismic acquisition and processing knowledge.
If you are interested in working in a challenging environment and have the key skills to fill one of these vacancies please email your CV to
MontD’Or Oil Tungkal Ltd
The closing date for applications is 18 August 2012

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