Kamis, 09 Mei 2013

PT Golden Energy Mines Tbk

PT Golden Energy Mines (GEMS) is the coal mining group subsidiary of Dian Swastika Sentosa Tbk (DSSA) – a Energy and Infrastructure company. Currently we supply 4-5 million tons of coal per annum to Coal Powerplants and Industries such as cement and paper both locally and internationally. We mine coal from our many concessions, and at the same time also purchase from other mine owners. We aim to be a reputable leading coal company with good consistent standards. We are currently seeking:
GEMS Graduate Development Program (Code: GGDP)
  • Male/Female
  • Applicants must be holding at least an S1 degree from any engineering and science majors, Marine, Accounting, and Law
  • Belong to the top 5% in the university/faculty
  • Having a strong commitment to excellence and great passion to success
  • Have experience/exposure as leader/core committee in any campus organizations / extracurricular activities
  • Possess high sense of initiative and leadership potential

If you are up to the challenges and aspire to pursue progressive career opportunities, send your CV and application letter TODAY to :
PT Golden Energy Mines Tbk (GEMS)

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