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British Embassy Job Vacancy

For the UK, Indonesia is a vital partner. It is a huge, and growing market for UK goods and services and the UK is one of the top investors in Indonesia.Together, the UK and Indonesia work in the G20, the UN and elsewhere to tackle some of the really difficult problems which the whole world is facing:
boosting the global economy, tackling climate change, fighting extremism and terrorism, combating the proliferation of nuclear and other weapons, promoting freer trade. People-to-people links, especially in education and tourism, are important and growing. The UK government puts strengthening its relationships with the big emerging powers like Indonesia right at the top of its agenda. This is a partnership which is going places.

We often have employment opportunities that may appeal to qualified candidates with experience and an interest in our work. Past opportunities have included staff functions in administrative areas, Passports section, trade, transportation, accounting, security, public affairs, residence staff and gardening.

Now British Embassy Jakarta is opening Position for:

Transport Supervisor

As an Embassy transport supervisor you will be responsible to manage day-to-day management of Embassy transport fleet. You will come into contact with senior officials and dignitaries and be a highly visible part of the Embassy Team.

Job Responsibilities/Description

  • Day to day management of Embassy Transport Fleet.
  • Hold Imprest for small transport costs and manage petrol coupons.
  • Manage in house garage.
  • Liaise with vehicle servicing and repair suppliers including Toyota and BMW.
  • Manage Drivers on a day to day basis
  • Drive as pool driver to help the driver schedule when needed.
  • Prism buyer


  • A minimum of 2 years work experience as a driver and 1 year experience as transport supervisor
  • Have a good knowledge of the Jakarta road system
  • Good communication skills in English and Indonesian (mainly oral, but written skills desirable)
  • IT skills and experience (M/S Office) desirable
  • Hold a clean B1 Indonesian Driving License
  • This job can be physically demanding so the applicant should be in good health.

The British Embassy is an equal opportunities employer. We will offer a package of salary and benefits, including annual leave and medical cover, commensurate with qualifications and experience. Evidence of previous salary awards and doctor certificate to clarify that you are in a healthy condition should be provided along with the application. Training opportunities may also be available.

How to apply

To apply please submit the following documents:

  • a copy of your CV (maximum 3 pages),
  • 2 references from previous employers,
  • 1 passport sized photograph
  • and a letter explaining your suitability for this position

Send all documents to:

Human Resources Manager


Only applicants who are shortlisted will be contacted.
The position is subject to achieving the necessary level of security clearance.

We hope successful candidate

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