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PT. EP Oilfield Services

PT. EP Oilfield Services is part of EP Global Group, a Multi National Company engaged in the Oil & Gas Industry with Offices spanning across the Globe. We are leading provider of services, equipments, Oilfield software and specialist Oilfield Professionals to the Oil Majors and currently providing to more than 18 countries around the globe.

• Marine Coordinator (MCoor)
• Marine Superintendent (MSup)
• Marine Pilot & Loading Master (MPLM)
• Technical Aid (TAID)

General job description and related qualifications:

Marine Coordinator (MCoor)

- Monitoring the fueling operations at the Combo dock and Control the flow of work through the Permit To Work arrangement.
- Supervise the berthing/unberthing of all Crew Boats and LCTs at combo dock with the guidance from the Shipping Superintendent.
- Supervise the mooring gang during mooring operations
- Manage and overview the centralized co-ordination functions for all marine and port related Activities
- Ensure delivery schedules are met in a timely and safe manner. Monitor all activities with a view to modifying, streamlining and improving

Marine Superintendent (MSup)

- Provide expert advice and necessary support to achieve highest level of safe deliverability in marine projects and operational performance
- Contributing to the marine contracting strategy, and its executionParticipating in tendering, evaluation, selection and start-up of marine contractor O&M services (Operations & Maintenance)
- Close liaison with vessel owners/crew and Tangguh site personnel to ensure consistent approach at technical level and Health Safety & Environment (HSE) standard
- Making compliance trips offshore on marine vessels to observe and verify compliance with Group Marine Standard (GMOS)
- Ensuring or conducting CMID and HSSE audits of marine contractor organizations and vessels

Marine Pilot & Loading Master (MPLM)

- Berth/unberth LNG Tankers at the TLNG Jetty by coordinating all related parties, such as Production Team, shipping & Agency Team, and Government Team, included their regular communications and paper documents
- Berth/Unberth Condensate tankers and General Cargo ships at Combo Dock by coordinating all related parties, such as Production Team, shipping & Agency Team and Government Team, included their regular communications and paper documents.
- Support the Harbour Superintendent in managing and maintenance of all navigation aids, lights, markers, winches, fenders, oceanographic sensors, etc.
- Conduct operational inspections of all tugs, mooring boats and pilot boats on regular basis and maintain respective records on findings, close outs and lesson learned/sharing related to all safety devices and equipments.
- Assist the Harbour&Marine Manager in managing performance, training needs and monitoring day to day activities of radio operators, Harbour tugs / Mooring boats / Pilot boat crews and Shore mooring gang.

Technical Aid (TAID)

- Manage update & delivery of the detailed action plan to support the S & OR Annual Operation Plan
- Assist Operating Technical Authorities to develop, arrange and facilitate training, Development & CoP workshops
- Facilitate Community of Practice network development meetings to ensure Standardization
- Maintain action log for OMS CI improvement action plan
- Manage Operation Authority (OA) interventions database & produce reports to feed OMC CCI future
- Manage training and development plan for the national technical authorities
- Manage the monthly OA meeting program and actions tracker

Essential Criteria and Qualifications:

Core Competencies:
- Minimum Marine Officer class 3 /ANT 3 (MCoor)
- Minimum 3 years experience Marine Operation ((MCoor)
- Master Marine Class 1 / ANT 1 (MSup & MPLM)
- Experience Port Operations (MSup)
- Indonesia Maritime Pilot Certificate Class 1 (MPLM)
- Experience as Loading Master for LNG & Condensate (MPLM)
- Familiar with the principles of OMD & core leadership values (TAID)
- Ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously (TAID)
- Structured response to problem solving (TAID)
- Experienced to develop and present report to leadership (TAID)
- Experienced to develop maintain a complex filing system (TAID)
- Proven ability to manage and arrangement domestic and International event and travel (TAID)
- Strong Communications skills both orally and written (Bahasa Indonesia and English) – All position

- Minimum 5 years Experience as an officer onboard Vessel (MCoord)
- Familiar with boat inspectors, running hours and fuel consumptions monitoring (MCup)
- Minimum 5 years Experience as a Chief Officer / Master onboard vessel (MSup)
- Minimum 3 years Experience Port Operation (MSup)
- Minimum 5 years Experience as Marine Pilot at a big ship for port operation (MPLM)
- Minimum 3 years Experience as loading Master for LNG & Condensate (MPLM)
- 8-10 years proven work Experience in similar positions

- Bachelor degree in Business Management and Administration (TAID).

Interest applications are invited to submit a detailed resume together with recent photograph maximum 1 week after this advertisement into: recruitment@epintl.com

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