Sabtu, 13 November 2010

Saudi Chevron Phillips Company (SCP)

Saudi Chevron Phillips Company (SCP) , Jubail Chevron Phillips Company (JCP) , Saudi Polymers Company (SPCo.) - Three privately owned petrochemical facilities in Jubail Industrial City seek Candidates for the following positions:

OPERATOR/TECHNICIANS – Fluff/Pellet Transfer
Diploma in Engineering, or Operations Technology certificate is preferred, Minimum 5 + years of related experience in some of the following:

* Pellet transfer or conveying systems console and outside (pneumatic)
* Bagging lines and associated downstream equipment
* Bulk loading into sea bulk liners
* Forklift and Other heavy vehicel operation
* DCS console operator (qualified) desired
* Liquid hydrocarbon loading and unloading experience (trucks, iso containers, or ships)
* Marine terminal / Loading experience is preferred

Diploma in Chemical Engineering, or Operation Technology certificate is preferred, Minimum 5+ years of related experience in:

* Polyethylene / Polypropylene must include Loop or Gas Phase Reactor
* Polyethylene / Polypropylene / Polystyrene Extrusion and Pelletizing experience also needed
* Polyethylene/Polypropylene / Polystyrene pellet transfer, blending and loading experience needed
* Bagging line operations and pellet bulk loading operation desired
* DCS console operator qualified desired
* Experience with new plant commissioning and start up desired, plant turnaround experience also desired.

Excellent safety record, good communication, interpersonal skills and computer skills are preferred. Proficient in speaking, reading and writing English (Full English comprehension)

Technical Diploma in related field is preferred. Minimum 5+ experience as Production Scheduler in Petrochemical Plant or Refinery. Excellent Safety record, good communication, interpersonal skills and computer skills are preferred SAP experience Proficient in speaking reading and writing English (Full English Comprehension)
Please send the application and resume to:


JI. TB. Simatupang No. 6, Jatipadang Ps. Minggu - Jakarta 12540

Tel. 021-7891349/021-78839074

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