Minggu, 14 November 2010

Triputra Group

Triputra is still a new business group in Indonesia with a focus on four main business areas: Agribusiness, Mining, Manufacturing, and Trade and Services. After a decade of its existence, Triputra Group succeeded in placing himself in the Top 10 Business Groups in Indonesia based on a survey conducted by Globe Asia. Along with the "Excellence through people and process" our motto, we encourage our employees to give their maximum performance to grow with us. The company is opening vacancy for the position as follows:

DIRECTOR: (Minimum 3 years experience in the same position)
Chief Executive Officer/Chief Operating Officer (CODE: COO)
Chief Financial Officer (CODE: CFO)

GENERAL MANAGER: (Minimum 3 years experience in the same position)
General Support (HR, IT, Management Development) CODE: GSM

MANAGER: (Minimum 3 years experience in the same field)
Human Resources CODE: HRM
Finance and Accounting CODE: FAM
Branch Manager CODE: BM
Health, Safety and Environment CODE: HSE
Procurement (Fluent in Japanese is a must) CODE: PCR
Business Development CODE: BD
Information Technology (IT) CODE: ITM

SUPERVISOR and STAFF: (Minimum 1 year experience in the same field)
Strategic Management Supervisor CODE: SMS
Supply Chain Management and Improvement Supervisor CODE: SCM
IT Officer (Development / Infrastructure/Operation) CODE: ITO
Sales Project CODE: SP
Internal Auditor (Fresh graduates are also welcome to apply) CODE: IA

General Requirements
S1 degree with minimum GPA 2.75
Favourable Emotional Quotient
Fluency in English (written and oral)

Send application letter and CV to:

HR Triputra Group
Menara Kadin Indonesia 23rd Fl. Jl. HR Rasuna Said Blok X-5 Kav. 2-3
Jakarta Selatan 12950

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