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PT ASMIN BARA BRONANG, an extensive growth National Coal Mining Company (PKP2B, 3rd GENERATION) rapidly expanding our resources in Central Kalimantan (Mine Site) & Jakarta Office, is seeking for qualified and committed candidates for the following positions:

(Central Kalimantan)

Main Responsibilities:

1. Conduct mine planning, project planning, as well as mining operation scheduling and controlling and dealing with contractors.
2. Develop short, mid and long term mine plans for the budgeting process.
3. Estimate fleet requirements.
4. Plan mining operations and design open pit and surface mines.
5. Design mining equipment and supervise the open pit operations, and devising methods for transporting minerals to processing plants.
6. Find, extract, and prepare coal, metals, and minerals.
7. Responsible for the safe, economical, and environmentally sound operation of mines.


1. Bachelor degree in Mining Engineer from a reputable University.
2. Min 5 years of experience in coal mining operation.
3. Knowledgeable in operating mining programs software, such as : Minescape, Surpac, etc.
4. Proficient in survey instruments, etc.
5. Computer literate.
6. Good team-working skills.
7. Good command in English both oral and written.
8. Willing to be placed in site (Central Kalimantan).
9. Hold a POP (Pengawas Operasional Pertama) Mining Indonesia competency certificate is an advantage.

(Central Kalimantan)


1. Male, max. 30 years old.
2. Candidate must possess at least a bachelor s degree in Mechanical Engineering.
3. Having 3 years experiences in mechanical, conveyor and maintenance.
4. Having care of mine product.
5. Hardworking and able to work under pressure and self motivated and honest.
6. Highly motivate person, dynamic, energetic, self motivated and strong interpersonal.
7. Willingness to be placed in our sites (remote area) in Central Kalimantan.

(Central Kalimantan)

Main Responsibilities:

1. Prepare and provide relevant project documents, and reporting working progress.
2. Generate/review calculate Material Take Off (MTO).
3. Negotiate with contractor or other parties related to project work.
4. Analyse either proposal or other report from contractor which related to project work.
5. Handle Quality Control which is connected with working for mine infrastructure, such as road, bridge, etc.
6. Work together with contractor and consultant.
7. Monitor and crosscheck project progress from contractor.


1. Bachelor degree in Civil Engineer.
2. Familiar with Civil Engineering Detail Drawing, Hauling Road Drawing and Steel Bridge Structure Drawing.
3. Minimum 3 years experience in supervising civil construction, steel construction, bridge construction and hauling road.
4. Good knowledge in operating Ms. Office, AutoCad, Landdesktop/Civil 3D, Structure analysis software, etc.
5. Excellent negotiation skill, hard working, good initiative & teamwork.
6. Good understanding the standard rule of the civil works, earthwork, steel bridge, pilling and road.
7. Sound knowledge in Scheduling, Supervision, Quality Control and Project Administration.

(Central Kalimantan)


1. Male, max.35 years old.
2. S-1 Geology, including production control work in at least two producing mines at similar position.
3. Must be able to control exploration program, geological modeling, reserve calculations.

General Requirements:

• Having experience min. 5 years in “coal mining operation” is must.
• Have strong skills in computer literate.
• Able good to work in a team.
• Have good command in English both oral and writing.
• Able to be placed at Mine Site.
• Willing to work in Central Kalimantan.

(Central Kalimantan)

Main Responsibilities:

1. Exploring, dating and sampling mineral deposits.
2. Interpreting and mapping the geology of a mine.
3. Preparing and presenting data.
4. Checking the quality levels of materials produced for reserve assessment.
5. Assessing geotechnics and aquifer drainage.
6. Undertaking environmental impact studies.
7. Updating detailed databases.
8. Creating mine models using CAD (computer-aided design) software, such as SURPAC.


1. Bachelor degree in Geology from a reputable university.
2. Fresh Graduated are welcome.
3. Max. 28 Years Old.
4. Sound knowledge in mineral deposits and elements.
5. Good team working skills.
6. Knowledgeable in CAD operation.
7. Willing to be placed i
n site (Central Kalimantan).

(Central Kalimantan)

Main Responsibilities:

1. Deal with Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA).
2. Set up nursery (composting, seeding, planting).
3. Supervise reclamation and revegetation activity.
4. Control and prevention of acid mine drainage.
5. Responsible in environment monitoring program.
6. Conduct environment auditing.
7. Maintain waste and waste water or hazardous material (B3).


1. Bachelor degree in Environment/Mining Engineering/Forestry.
2. Possess at least three (3) years experience in coal/mineral mining.
3. Familiar with environment monitoring tools on site as well as environment assessment process (PROPER, K3LH ESDM).
4. Knowledgeable in environmental laws and regulations.
5. Hold AMDAL A Certificate will be an advantage.
6. Preferably hold Pengawas Operasional Pertama (POP) Certification.
7. Sound knowledge in ISO 14001 and Sistem Manajemen Lingkungan (SML).

(Jakarta Raya)

Main Responsibilities:

1. Identify training, design and develop programs based on organization and individual needs through Training Need Analysis (TNA) and Performance Appraisal result.
2. Manage a training budget and an overall training plan keeping within the budget and evaluate training programs and monitor the progress of trainee through questionnaires and discussions with super ordinate.
3. Manage Performance Appraisal System annually and Analysis Individual Performance based on KPI (Key Performance Indicator).
4. Identify competency profile of employee as part of development programs related to organization development.
5. Develop effective organizational programs, HR planning strategies and other organizational development functions including performing job analysis, job evaluation, induction, etc.


1. Minimum Bachelor Degree in Human Resources Management, Psychology or related field.
2. Minimum 5 years experience in Human Resources within the Organization Development or Training-Development area in mining industry with supervisory experience is preferred.
3. Ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks simultaneously and responsible in handling confidential information.
4. Knowledgeable in Human Resource systems, and Word Processing software as well as proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook.
5. Certificate Human Resource Management or any Human Resources classes/trainings.
6. Possess exceptional organizational skills, excellent verbal and written communication skills.
7. Willing to travel to site (Central Kalimantan).

(Jakarta Office)

Main Responsibilities:

1. Familiar with Tender Procedure.
2. Able Source, select and monitor subcontractors to meet our requirements and budget.
3. Build and maintain the subcontractors resources platform and relationship.
4. Liaise and negotiate with subcontractors on pricing, deliverables and payment/trading terms.
5. Prepare subcontracting related documents.
6. Monitor, control and evaluate Subcontractors work quality.
7. Coordinate with subcontractors to resolve major problems and manage any commercial breach of contract.
8. Manage the commercial information of subcontractors.


1. Male/Female, Max.40 years old.
2. Minimum Bachelor Degree (S1), Technical Background will be advantage.
3. Has excellent interpersonal, Leadership and Decisive.
4. Have min. 3 years working experience in the related field.
5. Ability to organize workload and set priorities accordingly.
6. Diligent, Tenacious and able to work within a tight schedule.
7. Ability to work within minimum supervision.
8. Excellent team player and good interpersonal skills.

(Jakarta Office)


1. Skillful in negotiations and in following up orders to supplier.
2. Coordinates other departments requirements e.g. when/how to source, early sourcing, cross program supplier selection etc.
3. Have a good perspective & analytical skills.
4. Have a good relationship and networking with vendor/supplier.
5. Have a strong negotiation skill and analytical problem solving.


1. Male, min 25 years old, max 35 years old.
2. Min S1 degree in any disciplines.
3. Holding Type C Driving License.
4. Familiar with Microsoft Office Applications.
5. Have min. 3 years working experience in the related field.
6. Able to work under pressure, tight schedule, independently and in a team.
7. Good communication skill.

(Jakarta Office)

Main Responsibilities:

1. Troubleshoot all System Application Problem.
2. Develop System Application as necessary.
3. Conducting Training to the user as necessary for System Application usage.
4. Provide Maintenance Activity on System Application such as: data back Up, etc.


1. Male/Female, Max.30 years old.
2. Minimum Bachelor Degree (S1) with major in Computer Science, Computer Accounting or Information Technology.
3. Familiar on handling Application System, especially on Mining Industry.
4. Familiar with Data Base Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2003 & Oracle.
5. Familiar with Fox-pro / Visual Fox-pro / Visual Basic Programming.
6. Diligent, Tenacious and able to work within a tight schedule.
7. Ability to work within mi
minimum supervision.

Successful candidates will be offered an attractive remuneration package based on their experiences, while interesting rewards are promised as an exchange to their contribution to the company. Please send your cover letter and resume to:

HR & GA Director
hrd@atb.co.id / PO BOX 1229 JKP 10012

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified

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