Sabtu, 24 September 2011

PT Leighton Contractors Indonesia

PT Leighton Contractors Indonesia is a fast growing company that has been operating in Indonesia for over 30 years. Our organization works both civil construction and mining. We are seeking Indonesian citizens to join our business who are motivated to contribute to creating a first class organization.
Maintenance Department
Plant Mobilization Crew Supervisor; Plant Training Superintendent; Auxiliary Supervisor; Maintenance Drill Supervisor; Welder Supervisor; Automotive Electrical Maintenance Supervisor; Shutdown Maintenance Supervisor; Breakdown Maintenance Superintendent; Automotive Electrical Maintenance Superintendent; Maintenance Planners; Mechanics
Operation Department
Operation Training Specialist; Drill & Blast Supervisor; Drill & Blast Training Specialist; Mining Supervisor; Operators
Construction Department
Civil Construction Supervisor; QA Engineer; Civil Superintendent
Safety Department
HSE Supervisor; Plant Safety Officer
Engineering Department
Mine Engineer; Senior Mine Engineer; Mining Engineering Manager
Support Department
Training Manager; Expatriate Formalities Supervisor; Security Operations Manager; Accounting Supervisor; Senior HR Manager; Recruitment Superintendent; Procurement Supervisor; Recruitment Specialist; Community Relation Superintendent; Community Relation Manager
The main criteria is minimum 3 years experience in related job function and industry for supervisor / specialist position and minimum 5 years experience in related job function and industry for superintendent / manager position
This is an excellent opportunity to join PT Leighton Contractors Indonesia in this key role. We will offer a competitive package to the successful candidate. If you possess the skills that we require and are interested in joining us, please submit your resume to recruits@leighton.co.id and put position title in the subject of your email or call 021-30002323 to talk to the recruitment team for more information

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