Kamis, 19 Januari 2012

Golden Energy Mines

Golden Energy Mines is the coal mining group subsidiary of Dian Swastika Sentosa Tbk (DSSA) - a Energy and Infrastructure company. Currently we supply 4-5 million tons of coal per annum to Coal Powerplants and Industries such as cement and paper both locally and internationally. We mine coal from our many concessions, and at the same time also purchase from other mine owners. We aim to be a reputable leading coal company with good consistent standards.

One of our subsidiaries in Coal Mining is currently expanding and looking for highly qualified candidates to fill the following position:

1. Exploration Manager (Code : EXP)
2. Drill & Blast Supervisor (Code : DBS)
3. Coal & Hauling Supervisor (Code : CHS)
4. Pit Supervisor (Code : PSP)
5. Project Engineer (Code : PEN)
6. Surveyor Supervisor (Code : SSP)
7. Infra Project Supervisor (Code : IPS)
8. SHE Department Head (Code : SDH)
9. SHE Supervisor (Code : SSP)
10. Road Maintenance Supervisor (Code : RMS)

Please submit your complete CV with Code Position and recent photograph to email : recruitment@sinarmasmining.com

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