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PT Lock & Lock Indonesia

PT Lock & Lock Indonesia - We, Lock & Lock Co., Ltd., are one of the best and the highest quality airtight container manufacturers in the world. Since we established in 1985 in Korea, we have been in the kitchen & house-ware market for more than 20 years. During last 10 years, “Lock & Lock” achieved remarkable growth of more than 40 times in sales. We have various kinds of product line from food storage container to total household items. “Lock & Lock” is a rapid growing brand and we are now exporting it to more than 100 countries including USA, England, Germany, and China. Also we have 18 overseas branches including newly established PT Lock & Lock Indonesia.
Sales (Manager, Supervisor, Staff)

  • Experience in Planning various promotions, experience in B 2 B Sales, good interpersonal skills
  • Experience in managing Retails store, developing new accounts, planning various promotions
  • Good network & relationship
Website Marketing (Manager, Supervisor, Staff)

  • Experience in e-marketing, manage website traffic, uploading of product information & catalog
  • Develop online marketing communication, online media promotion and strategies
Public Relation (Manager, Supervisor, Staff)
Experience work in public relation company, fluent in English
Design (Manager, Supervisor, Staff)
Experience in shop drawing, interior design, brochure, POP, package and other visual design
Logistic (Manager, Supervisor, Staff)
Experience in managing inventory in warehouse and delivery
IT (Manager, Supervisor, Staff)

  • Knowledge of the SAP portfolio in presales, implementation roles, sales related activities (sales support and user training)
  • Experience with MS SQL Server, other programming and maintain SAP database
General Requirements:
  • Education : Master or Bachelor Degree from related field
  • Age : maximum 40 years old and in perfect health
  • Experience : Experience in retails business market, direct sales, distributor, HORCEA, B2B, and Department Store (manager 10 years / supervisor 6 years, fluent in English and excellent presentation skills)
Please send your resume via mail to:
Human Resources Division
PT Lock & Lock Indonesia
Menara Prima Lt 22, Jl Lingkar Mega Kuningan Blok 6.2
Jakarta Selatan 12950

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